Alexandra Hutter

Alexandra Hutter started her own business in 2003: Rembrandt Tower Boardroom: a leading and exclusive corporate location for all forms of top consultation with exclusive meeting and private dinners. Alexandra has sold this organization. However, her passion for hospitality remained. This, in combination with her great interest in art and the desire to also develop a product, has led to the creation of Rembrandtje.

Alexandra grew up in South America, the place where many of the cocao beans come from and has an Austrian nationality, the land of the Sacher Torte. Therefore, her love for chocolate started at a young age.

There are three traditional Dutch flavors, based on the period in which the Dutch master made his legandary paintings, echtings and drawings. The first taste is the orange bitter. A Dutch liquer that was developed around 1620 to celebrate won battles. The second flavor is East Indian spices with hints of cinnamon and star anise. Two of the many spices that was spead throughout the world during the Golden Age. The last flavor is Praliné and flaxseed. Rembrandt used flaxseed mainly as a basis for natural paint.

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