A Tasteful Gift
With a Personal Touch

Rembrandt can be counted without a doubt as one of the greatest. His unprecedented craftsmanship cannot be challenged and his work is known worldwide. The Rembrandtjes do his legacy justice. They are gifts of high quality, give a positive impression and are suitable for any occasion. If you buy them for yourself, give them away as a present or consider them as the ideal promotional gift: these special chocolate gifts guarantee their weight in gold.

All Rembrandtjes are hand-made by an authentic Amsterdam chocolatier. To order one or more boxes, you can order best by the webshop. Do you want to personalize the packaging? Please contact us using the information below for a customized offer.

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Branded sleeve

  • box 3 or 6 coins, 100 boxes from € 1,75 a piece
    (excl. btw and design)
  • box 1 piece personalized design
    (from 1000 pieces)
Gepersonaliseerd geschenk