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(Taste) The value of art

Our Rembrandtjes honour the legacy of Rembrandt van Rijn. The guild medal not only pays tribute to the Dutch artists of the 17th century, but to all the craft, art and culture that we enjoy and are so proud of in the Netherlands.

Dutch art and culture are represented by collections that are among the best in the world. The Rembrandt Association helps museums throughout the Netherlands to purchase, research and restore the very best artworks. And this purpose fits seamlessly with the values of Rembrandtje Chocolate Coins.

Our Cultural Responsibility

That’s why we donate €0.50 per product sold to the Rembrandt Association – to make sure that these collections continue to inspire us in the future.

Want to make a direct contribution yourself?

Visit our webshop to order your Rembrandtje Chocolate Coins.

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Want to do even more? Become a member of the Rembrandt Association

Membership of the Rembrandt Association means joining more than 16,000 art lovers with a common goal: to make incredible artwork accessible to all.

What’s more, the Rembrandt Card gives you free entry to more than 125 museums. You’ll also be invited to exclusive activities for Rembrandt Association members, and you’ll receive the Rembrandt Association Bulletin three times a year.

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