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Rembrandt back in Maastricht during Tefaf

AMSTERDAM – Just as Rembrandt used his talents to create masterpieces, the Amsterdam entrepreneur Alexandra Hutter is launching her innovative and traditionally-crafted ‘Rembrandtje’ chocolate coins in this ‘Year of Rembrandt’. ‘It is a tribute to the 350th anniversary of the death of this master painter, who for me is a figurehead of Dutch commercial spirit and creativity,’ explains Hutter.

Did you know that the painting ‘The Night Watch’ was rolled up and hidden in Maastricht during the war to ensure that this beautiful work of art didn’t fall into the wrong hands? Maastricht and Rembrandt therefore go back a long way. Although there are no works by Rembrandt on display during Tefaf this year, he is represented by the ‘Rembrandtje’ chocolate coins.

At a time when true craftsmanship is becoming increasingly rare, the ‘Rembrandtjes’ are made with the heart, head, and hands. They therefore make wonderful, high-quality gifts that are suitable for very special occasions.
An authentic Amsterdam chocolaterie created three original Dutch flavours: Orange bitters, East Indian (Indonesian) spices, and Praliné & linseed. These three flavours are based on the period in which the Dutch master produced his legendary paintings, etchings, and drawings.

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